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Monday, 31 August 2009

Calling all film buffs

KCL student Arpan Banerjee writes as follows:
"According to this news item an Indian studio had to pay compensation to 20th Century Fox for making an unauthorised version of My Cousin Vinny.

I was wondering whether you could kindly give me the names of one or two important judgements where someone was sued for making a movie allegedly copied from another movie (like the Norowzian case). Or maybe a case where a movie plot was copied from a book or a play?"
Can readers of this weblog point to any such cases? I bet they can!


may said...

Is this what passes for research these days? Get thee to a library, young man, and learn how to use the books.

Anonymous said...

Who said this was research? It just looks like an innocent inquiry to me, particularly since it's the summer hols ...

chav boy said...

check harman pictures v osborne